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Order Online

Hola Familia Lindo, 
Please read the following statement carefully prior to placing your order online.  

By placing an online order at Lindo Mexico Restaurant Inc. website, you certify the personal information you are entering on your online order is correct and that you are the owner of the credit card you will be using to pay for this order. You understand that using someone else's credit card information is illegal, and will be reported to the policy department should this transaction be part of a fraud alert.

Please bring your ID or Credit Card when picking up your order for verification purposes. Thank you for your cooperation, as we navigate thru this process.   

  • Due to being short-staffed, online ordering will be turned off some days, and take-out might not be available at all. 

  • Orders take 20-30 minutes to be ready. Depending on the size or time of day they might take longer.  

  • Please make sure to give us the number where we can text you when your order is ready. 

  • Once you arrive at Lindo, please park in one of the takeout parking spots on the west side of the building. Please do not park in the NO Parking zone. 

  • Once you receive the order-ready text, please come inside and go to the "Takeout Pickup Here" sign. 

The Lindo Team appreciates your continued support

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